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That Didn't Last Long

Well I though for just a moment that the reason I didn’t blog much was that there was just a slightly higher barrier to entry with Jekyll since I needed something with git and a text editor, and that I’d do it more if I went back to Wordpress so I could use the fancy apps on my iPhone and iPad. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Not only did I not do any mobile blogging, but the Wordpress editor has seriously regressed to the point that I don’t want to do it from the web interface either. Yuck. So it’s back to Jekyll. Luckily I did nothing on that Wordpress install so there’s nothing in import back to here.

I also set up a new Wordpress install on my confusedyeti.com domain in order to do some blogging about my retro computer collection and restoration efforts. I don’t think I’ll be using that Wordpress install either, and I’m not even sure if I’ll be doing it in a blog format. Since it’s all about retro tech anyway, I may go ahead and go full old school with just a static HTML/CSS page and do it sort of in an online museum style. After all the collection is going to be pretty static once I get a system all posted about, so a blog format probably doesn’t work well anyway. I may attach a retro computer blog to it at some point, but that’ll probably be Jekyll powered too.