There are no comments here, and I don’t expect that to change. I welcome discussions about anything I write here, but I don’t know that internet comment sections are great for that these days. If you want to ask me about a post or give me so feedback, I welcome email and if you want others to see your thoughts on something, write about it on your own blog or social media, or send a link to friends with your thoughts. There was a time when perhaps comment sections were able to foster their own communities, and some communities may exist on other blogs and websites, but where one doesn’t already exist, I’m not sure that the internet today would create a new community. Instead comment sections are filled with spam and posts that are at best really have nothing to say at all. I miss the sense of community that could be found on the internet 20 years ago, but it’s hard to find that on the “open web” these days, especially when a community isn’t focused on a specific activity, hobby or interest. reddit had a good run for a while where sub-reddits could become great communities, but even those are feeling pretty astroturfed these days, whether its mods imposing a singular top down vision or just the influx of people gaming those communities to push their own content or agenda. I recently started using Mastodon, specifically the server, which does seem to have some what of a community feel to it. But even there, just the nature of Mastodon’s design gives it a twitter feel, which I’ve always sort of found to keep people at arms length. Right now the only communities that I find particularly useful these days are among friends in various private chat groups in the form of email, Facebook, Discord or similar.