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I’ve recently realized that if I really want to organize my thoughts, I need to get them “out” some how and be able to look at them and analyze them. Usually I try to find some quite time to just organize my thoughts and review them, but I’ve found this to be a finicky process overall because when the process is entirely in my head, I find it’s easy to get distracted or derailed. So I needed a more solid process with a hard copy record and attention turned to journaling, which is quite popular these days. There’s so may prescriptive ways to do it and I tried a few of them, and at the suggestion of some groups, I actually bought a paper journal and a nice fountain pen. Problem number one is that I can barely read my own handwriting, so the journals had little use to me after I wrote them. Second is that when I tried to adopt a form or journaling, I’d get to stuck trying to do it “right” and it wouldn’t feel fully useful. So I’ve reverted back to just a “teenage girl diary” style of journaling. Just a free flowing brain dump of the day getting my actions and feeling of the day down, but not on paper. I’ve instead gone to the next most accessible format that I can actually read, just plain text on my computer with no fancy file formats, so they’re editable by most anything and hopefully they’ll be readable for years to come. I’m also storing them on Nextcloud so I can pretty much access them from anywhere(with backups). While the readability forever was basically added just in case I want arbitrarily go back, I recently listed to Penn Jillette episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast where he talks about how everyday he reads what he wrote on that day 10 years ago(might have been 5, might have been 20, but you get the idea), and while I’m not far enough along to do that yet, I think once I get to a year, I’ll start doing that for entries from a year ago, eventually moving that to 5 or 10 years ago when I get there. Between meditating to control my thoughts and journaling to examine and organize them, I don’t think my brain has run quite this clearly in quite some time. Probably not since I was much younger had much less going on and the mental clarity has been an enormous boon to working on other forms of self improvement.