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Plant Based Eating

For the past three or so years, I’ve been dabbling in eating a plant based/vegan diet on and off and I’m back on that wagon at the moment. I guess I’ll start by saying that I didn’t really do any of this for the animals. I don’t have anything in particular again animals, but if it wasn’t possible for humans to survive on a plant based diet, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to eat animals. Even now, when I can’t find good vegan options(at a restaurant or someone’s house) I can gracefully fail over to vegetarian if there’s milk or eggs in stuff or even eat vegetables cooked in a small amount of animal fat. That being said I’m not an “unethical vegan” like Penn Gillette called himself, just my ethical reasons are different. Those reasons are environmental in nature, the biggest one being the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by animal farming and the impact on climate change. Like my decision to look for remote work was also partly due to consciously trying to reduce my carbon foot print there’s also a selfish reason, in this case improving my health. Every time I go plant based, especially if I mix it with some intermittent fasting, I feel great and lose a good bit of weight. So that brings up the issue of why I’m so off and on with and can’t stick with it, and am I going to stick with it now? The very first time I tried this I was doing very well, but then I went to Austin, Texas for DockerCon. The conference was pretty meh, but I found some good food that was decidedly not vegan and by the time I got home, it was easier to slip back in to my old habits. And it was easy to slip back into my old habits since those were also the eating habits of my family, which a couple of times just the inertia of eating what everyone else was enough for me to drop my new eating habits. The other big road block has been a trying to jump both feet first into a whole food plant based diet, which even harder to stick to out of the house and just a big jump to make all at once. But I do think this time will be different. For one, the rest of my family is going mostly vegan, so that makes it a lot easier to not be tempted away at home. Secondly, while I think a whole food plant based diet is probably the most healthy and it is a long term goal, I’m just slightly easing into it. Though now that I’m comfortably plant based now to the point that steak or chicken isn’t really that appealing, I’m slowing working the processed stuff out of my diet. That’s going to be a bit difficult since a big part of making this easy is that quick veggie burgers are a simple lunch I don’t really have to think about or put any effort into, so I’m trying to figure out something to do there. Overall I feel great right now and am pretty optimistic about sticking to it right now. I guess we’ll see how well it works after my extended water fast I have planned for next week.