So I've really gotten into the hobby side of miniature wargaming and I'm starting to into some more regular playing of games, so now I'm going to try something different. A couple of years ago, I picked up some hex and counter wargames during a Black Friday sale. They're quite different beasts from you typical miniatures game like Warhammer. First there are no miniatures. Just little cardboard counters to represent your forces on your board. Second they're are a whole other level of complexity compared to even the most crunchy editions of Warhammer. Finally they aren't really fit for pick up games so you'd have to find some one dedicated to playing a long game. Play time listed on these are wide ranges like 1-30 hours or 2-50 hours. So I don't really have an opponent right off, but they generally quite solo playable and that's what I plan to do at least until I under stand the game at first. I'm not sure which I'm going to start with, but I'm leaning towards Advanced Squad Leader since it is a game with a community so I'll have a little bit better luck finding and opponent once I have the game figured out.