I've almost got all my Kharadron Overlords painted, but the Frigate is a bit daunting, so I've avoided it by painting some of my oldest models that I never got around to painting. I don't play Warmachine any more and I don't know if ever will, but I still really like the models, so I'm going to finish painting my Khador army and I even assembled the Menoth half of my starter box and will probably paint it too just for fun.

Pictured here are some Man-o-War Shocktroopers which came in my my Warmachine Two Player Starter Set that was my first ever miniature wargaming purchase. They were also the first unit I started painting, but for some reason never even got much past doing only the red base coat on half of them. Now they're all done in a quick and dirty fashion. Also painted is War Dog, who really has room for more fine detail but I realistically probably won't ever get to it, two Kayazy Eliminators, a Man Hunter, and Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich. Not pictured I also touched up my Winterguard Infantry and finished them with a wash. Of my Khador Army I still have my Winterguard Rocketeers, Winterguard Mortar Crew, a unit of Widow Makers, the Widow Maker Marksman solo, an Iron Fang Kovnik and Kovnik Andrei Malakov. They will probably get done after my Kharadron Frigate because that thing needs to get done.