Technically it's the end of the February and well into the new year and these updates only coincidentally are occurring now and aren't part of some grand New Years resolutions. A big part of what I've been doing is decluttering in various different ways.

The first kind of decluttering has been in my Internet life. Twitter is gone for me. It's just such a time waster and a rather toxic environment. Even when people I agree with are talking about issues, the delivery on Twitter makes me want nothing to do with it. So I flat out deactivated that account.

Facebook went a little differently. I had already unfollowed most of my "friends" and I realized that other than people for local tabletop game meetup stuff everyone else on there was either people I didn't care to have any meaningful contact with or could contact some other(probably better) way. So I've widdled my friends list down to half a dozen and stayed in my gaming groups.

Also in the digital realm, I've been de-Googling. I've moved to Outlook for my mail with my own domain. Self hosted may be preferred, but I just don't care to run a mail server again. I've also been using DuckDuckGo for search for the past month or so and am starting to feel at home with it.

The Twitter and Facebook decluttering tie in nicely with my second type of decluttering, which is basically how I spend my time. In this space public enemy number one is the Internet. I'm not doing something crazy like cutting the cord and going off the grid, but just trying eliminate the time wasting aspect where I browse Facebook or Reddit trying to find something interesting and the search is what eats up my time where I have nothing to show for it. Twitter and most of Facebook are gone for me and Reddit is up in the air. For Reddit and the rest of the Internet I'm just going to try some good old fashioned personal restraint to try not to waste all my time.

Even outside of the Internet I'm trying to keep my time being spent on things that either make me happy or is some how useful. So even if I do something that is a "waste of time" like binge watching a TV show, if I feel just a bit happier afterwards or that the time was well spent, it's not a waste.

Finally my last form of decluttering is food. I could stand to be a lot healthier and the biggest factor for me is my diet. Phase one isn't too crazy, just cut out the obvious junk food, and at first not change basics of what I eat as far as counting calories, fat, etc. Instead I'll try to replace processed and other shortcuts in meals with more whole food equivalents and generally be more mindful of what I'm eating. Once I'm good with that, I'll probably start looking at purposely eating healthier leaning towards a more plant based diet, but probably not going full vegan or even vegetarian. Instead of jumping wholly into a new diet like I usually do, this will be a long and incremental process to try to change my habits.

Hopefully with all of this I'll have a much healthier minds and body this time. Next year.