As usual when I start a new blog, I made a couple posts and promptly forgot about, but I'll keep trying. There's been some pretty big changes for me in the past few months. The biggest change that sort of holds all the other changes is that I've moved from the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio to Murfreesboro, Tennessee not far from Nashville.

It started out as dipping my toes in the Nashville job market by being really picky and only applying for one job in the Nashville area. I found a job listed on Indeed for a Linux Systems Engineer position that looked like it offered everything I was looking for in a job and I applied by firing off the generic resume attached to my Indeed account.

I didn't really expect a whole lot from it. The real plan was to start an intensive job search in early 2015. But a couple calls with the recruiter turned into phone interviews, and then a face to face, and before I knew it, I was hired on at Franklin American Mortgage Company. After a decade working within the DoD, the last two years being in HPC, it's been a big change of pace, but I'm liking being back out in the real world. With the DoD always being a few years behind the rest of IT world, I've been working to get caught back up to 2014. So far so good.

Of course changing jobs was the easy part. Much more difficult was moving the wife and kids down here and then disposing of the old house without going totally broke in the process. We actually moved pretty quickly on buying a house and had one a little over a month from starting my new job. It's a lot bigger a nicer than our old house, and checks off a lot of boxes on my wife's "dream house" checklist, so that smoothed over her concerns about moving. Getting rid of the old house was the bigger issue, but we actually got pretty lucky and was only on the market for about two months before selling, which isn't bad for the Dayton area.

All in all, its been a pretty crazy end to 2014 that's just starting to calm down. If anything, I think I'm in a great position to start out 2015.