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Making Games

I keep saying I'd like to try to make video games, but since you have to walk before you can run, I always get bored and stop when trying to make some sort of simple games as a stepping stone to the games I actually want to make. I think I've found a way to motivate me to make the simple game I usually don't care about and make a pretty cool gift for my daughter.

My plan is to make a Mario-like 2D platformer that features her as the star. I'm using Godot as the engine and that seems to be working out pretty well. It seems powerful and scriptable enough to let me do what I need to do while at the same time still doing enough of the heavy lifting so I can spend most of my time on the art, sound, and level design. I haven't quite decided what direction I'm going with those yet. While it will be a fully 2D game(instead of 3D characters moving across the screen in a 2D fashion like some of the newer Mario games), I don't know if I want to go with or retro 8/16-bit retro look that's popular on even new platformers these days, or just go with a nice, yet simple modern style. At least I've got a couple of weeks before the art work becomes a more pressing issue while I get to know the engine a little better.

I'll be posting updates and perhaps even milestone builds of the game here for anyone that wants to follow along.