• No Comment

    There are no comments here, and I don’t expect that to change. I welcome discussions about anything I write here, but I don’t know that internet comment sections are great for that these days. If you want to ask me about a post or give me so feedback, I welcome...
  • Journaling

    I’ve recently realized that if I really want to organize my thoughts, I need to get them “out” some how and be able to look at them and analyze them. Usually I try to find some quite time to just organize my thoughts and review them, but I’ve found this...
  • Plant Based Eating

    For the past three or so years, I’ve been dabbling in eating a plant based/vegan diet on and off and I’m back on that wagon at the moment. I guess I’ll start by saying that I didn’t really do any of this for the animals. I don’t have anything in...
  • Well, That's Embarassing

    I wouldn’t think doing anything at work without any proper version control, but apparently that’s not the same at home. I’ve been working on this new blog for a couple of weeks now and I hadn’t been committing to git. I’ll get around to it, I thought. Well, I was...
  • First Post

    Replacing my Wordpress blog with Jekyll. At least there should be few security issues as it sits here and never gets updated.
  • A Retro Unboxing of the D&D Adventure Game

    I do a bit of a retro unboxing of the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game for D&D 3rd edition.
  • Star Wars X-Wing vs Star Trek Attack Wing

  • Can you get started in miniature wargaming with lunch money?

    If you talk to people who have been in the miniature wargaming hobby a long time and ask them how they got started, you'll often hear stories how they saved up their lunch money or birthday money when they were a kid bought a blister or two of miniatures and...
  • New BattleTech Starter Box

    A real quick look at what's in the new BattleTech starter box
  • Army Showcase

    A quick showcase of some of my miniatures armies
  • Inaugural Sunday Chat

    I get the channel started with a short chat
  • Welcome to The Confused Yeti

    Welcome to The Confused Yeti. So what is The Confused Yeti? It's my new "brand" to talk about the miniature wargaming hobby and show off what I've done. For now, the primary focus is YouTube videos, and I'll be moving my Instagram posts if miniature painting to...
  • Battle for the Bookshelf

    I guess if I'm going to to store my models and terrain on the shelf I might as well set it up like a battle.
  • Plague Marines Done

    Phase one of my new Death Guard army is complete with my Plague Marines.
  • Test Plague Marine

    Got my test scheme plague marine done. Pretty happy with the color color scheme, though I did have some painting mistakes, but I'm just going to say they're Nurgley rot and decay.
  • Fairy Garden Terrain

    Yesterday at Hobby Lobby while I was getting stuff to build terrain, I saw these little buildings that my wife says are for "fairy gardens" whatever those are. Some of them were a bit too cutesy, but these look generic fantasy enough and the scale...
  • It has begun

    I'd gotten the tiny First Strike 40k starter a few weeks ago when it came out as a curiosity, but Friday I picked up the full size Dark Imperium starter. It's assembled and I'm waiting just sprayed primer on some Space Marines.
  • Forces of Order

    My forces of order are coming along. Just a few more Stormcast to paint.
  • Blood Bowl Coach

    New Runelord for all my Dwarfs who just happens to coach my Blood Bowl team on the weekends.
  • Bloodletters

    Just finished up these friendly neighborhood Bloodletters who are going to join forces with my heroic Bloodbound to fight the tyranny and oppression of Sigmar.
  • The Forty Miners

    I've thought about Blood Bowl a few times since it came back, but wasn't sure it's ever get to the table so I'd passed until now. Luckily there's a league down a local game shop and I'm diving in and of course I'm going with Dwarfs....
  • Path to Destruction

    I almost forgot about this blog. I guess I've got some models to go back and uplaod pictures of. Anyways, I finally got these old Stone Trolls(now Rockgut Troggoths) painted. I love these big goofy models, but now I need to...
  • Some Non-Miniature Wargames

    So I've really gotten into the hobby side of miniature wargaming and I'm starting to into some more regular playing of games, so now I'm going to try something different. A couple of years ago, I picked up some hex...
  • Miscellaneous Painting

    I've almost got all my Kharadron Overlords painted, but the Frigate is a bit daunting, so I've avoided it by painting some of my oldest models that I never got around to painting. I don't play Warmachine any more and...
  • A Short Overview of "Storm of Sigmar"

    As part of my recent catching up on painting, I've finished painting all the guys in my Storm of Sigmar box set that I got a while back. First of all the models in the box are all the same...
  • Khardron Overlord Ground Forces

    I've now got the ground forces portion of my Kharadron Overlords 1000 point army complete. There's an Arkanaut Admiral, two Arkanaut Companies and the Grundstock Thunderers and Skywardens are interchangeable at the 1000 point level. I have the Grundstock Gunhauler in...
  • Arkanaut Company

    Got my first Age of Sigmar unit done  
  • Kings of War Army Complete

    It's taken way too long, but I've finally got a full Dwarf army for Kings of War assembled and painted. I have 2000 point with decent options, and 2500 points if I throw everything at it.
  • Kings of War Progress

    I've made a small amount of progress on my Kings of War army. Got a regiment of sheild breakers painted and put on a mutlibase and got my earth elemental painted. He's my second try of his kind since I wasn't...
  • Better Food, Better Feeling

    It's been over a week of no alcohol, no coffee, and a healthier more plant based diet. The first noticeable effect, that I'm assuming is due to the lack of caffeine and alcohol, is that I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time. The better sleep combined with...
  • Code Reuse vs Learning

    I was really hoping to get some solid Go coding experience under my belt with a new project I'd been working on, but it's closely tied to some other projects I've done that are all in Python and I kept running into instances where I'd have to redo a lot...
  • New Year, New Updates

    Technically it's the end of the February and well into the new year and these updates only coincidentally are occurring now and aren't part of some grand New Years resolutions. A big part of what I've been doing is decluttering in various different ways. The first kind of decluttering...
  • Switched to Wordpress

    Switched my unread and rarely updated blog over to Wordpress. Google seems to have forgotten about Blogger and I expect it to find itself on the receiving end of a Google GTFO message in the next year or so to join the ranks of Google Reader and others. I'm not...
  • Uh, so a year and a half

    Well it looks like I've not posted an update here since the end of 2014. Last post was about big changes of the year ending then and I suppose things are going largely the same. A new addition to the family, a baby girl Emma, but otherwise things are going...
  • Big Changes to Close Out 2014

    As usual when I start a new blog, I made a couple posts and promptly forgot about, but I'll keep trying. There's been some pretty big changes for me in the past few months. The biggest change that sort of holds all the other changes is that I've moved...
  • Not Getting Too Comfortable

    While I like my job and don't have any reason to leave it anytime soon, there is a bit of a problem. I'm just a bit too comfortable where I'm at. I get to play with a lot of neat things(despite the issues faced, vSMP is really a cool bit...
  • Making Games

    I keep saying I'd like to try to make video games, but since you have to walk before you can run, I always get bored and stop when trying to make some sort of simple games as a stepping stone to the games I actually want to make. I think...